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Automatic Adblue Manufacturing Machine manufacturers

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Our History
New-blue is located in the beautiful kite capital of the world Weifang City, Shandong Province, covering an area of 40 thousand square meters, New-blue is a national high-tech enterprise. Its holding company has focused on the production and export of urea for eight years, about 200 thousand tons products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions in the world, favored by foreign customers. Now the company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, The leading Adblue brand ‘ Jinchun ‘ is far better than the national standard. The urea solution, made from our high-grade urea, has passed the world’s most stringent VDA certification and the U.S. API (American Petroleum Institute) certification with Adblue/DEF standard and will continue to provide the global market and Chinese market with high-quality Adblue urea.
Main products: automotive grade urea, adblue, smart adblue production unit with eight national patents.
Respecting environmental protection, creating new life, pursuing excellence, continuing innovation. New-blue innovated ultrafiltration system, which is originated in Japan and has Chinese national patent. By fully filtering suspended 0.001 micron impurities— colloid and triuret, «Jinchun» is more clear, more pure, more efficient and effective to prevent the blockage of SCR truck nozzle and exhaust pipe, to provide strong protection for the SCR system, so that the vehicle can have constant strong drive power.New-blue is not only high-quality Adblue producer, but also a leader in Adblue solutions. The small Adblue all-in-one smart machine, small dispenser and short supply chain model created by New-blue save logistics costs, labor costs and packaging costs for customers, save 50% Adblue cost for fleet, create more profit for dealers and entrepreneurs. The usage of cloud technology, the continuous monitoring of water quality and production of Adblue, paying attention to details of equipment, warehousing, and logistics, ensure the quality of every drop of ‘Jin chun’ Adblue. Following the «ingenuity» and «creative «spirit, New-blue offers different» Jinchun ‘Adblue smart all-in-one production machine and filling scheme, and make high-quality products. New-blue reached a strategic partnership with Shandong Jingying Medical Equipment Co., Ltd which has 60 years’ production history and established R & D center and production center in Weifang. New-blue Adheres to the «quality is king» business philosophy, creates Adblue smart equipment, and sticks to medical equipment standards strictly. Long service life, good stability, quality assurance. New-blue has 9 major after-sales maintenance centers in China, to offer home service efficiently, and to solve customer’s worries efficiently.
New-blue cooperates with Weichai Power Group and some State Key Laboratories, like Shandong University, holding academic research and exchanges regularly to improve and guarantee the Adblue quality constantly. New-blue adheres to the «professional solutions, high-quality manufacturing, timely perfect customer service, and creates value for customers continuously.
Our Product
Adblue production machine, DEF production machine, Adblue dispenser, Adblue liquid
Product Application
Automobile production plants, large fleets, bus companies, transportation companies, gas stations, etc.
Our Certificate
VDA, SGS, CE, ISO9001: 2015, ISO/TS 16949: 2009
Production Equipment
Adblue production machine, Adblue dispenser
Production Market
Asian, Africa, Europe, Mid-East.
Our service
Quick response, specific layout/brand/technical design, one year guarantee, all life technical support.Automatic Adblue Manufacturing Machine manufacturers

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