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Bakery Yeast price

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Bread Yeasts
Instant dry yeast for Bakery:
1, High Sugar Instant Dry Yeast
2, Low Sugar Instant Dry Yeast
500g/450g/400g/125 and so on.
Yeast, food additive(sorbitan monostearate)
1, Used for fermenting all kinds of pasta, such as bread, pastry, biscuit, cakes, etc
2, Fermenting fast, pure natural and high nutrition make the bread soft, big and good taste.
Low Sugar Instant Dry Yeast:Suitable for making Sugar-Free and Low sugar bread(in dough containing 0-7% sugar)
1, vacuum bag 2, Nitrogen packaging
0.3-0.5%of the flour’s use amount for the low sugar yeast
0.8-1.0%of the flour’s use amount for the high sugar yeast
Directions For Use:
1, Mix the yeast into flour, add water and stir well, or knead with the paste as dough for fermenting.Avoid adding the yeast directl ino oil of cold water
2, Water temperature and dough temperatuer in 35-38°C is better.
Shelf Life:
Two years
Storage Conditions: Keep in cool and dry place.Bakery Yeast price

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