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The Development of Vacuum Frying Machine
The low-temperature vacuum fryer was launched in the 1960s and 1970s, and its fried fruit and vegetable chips are popular because of their health content, low oil and crisp taste. At present, commercial automatic frying machines mainly sold on the market have various types and specifications, mainly using electricity, coal or gas as heating energy. This kind of equipment requires manual operation. So that it increases labor intensity and safety problems.

Continuous Vacuum Frying Machine Advantage(vs intermittent fryer )
1. From feeding to dumping oil, it is completed in one machine.
2. The whole process is carried out under full vacuum without repeatedly damaging the vacuum environment, which can make the quality of the fried food better.
3. It can extend the service life of frying oil to save production costs.

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Continuous Vacuum Frying Machine Structure
-The continuous vacuum frying machine including: vacuum frying pot, oil circulation heating system, vacuum system, steam trap system, hydraulic system, automatic oil removal system, electric control system.
-The vacuum system consists of vacuum tank, vapor collecting condenser, double roots water vacuum -pump, water cooling system and other valves and pipes. This can keep the fryer vacuum during frying.
-Oil steam heating system consists of the cut-off valve, steam solenoid valve, safety valve and related valves and pipelines, monitoring instruments, etc. it used for heating the frying oil.

Continuous Vacuum Frying Chips Features
Continuous frying and de-oiling in low temperature and vacuum, the nutrients within the foods are not destroyed, and the food is healthy.
Fruits and vegetables are pre-treated by freezing, the fried fruits and vegetables form a porous structure and are more crispy.
— Less oil
At low temperatures, the food absorbs less oil. After frying, the oil is soaked, so that the oil content of the vegetable chips is 10%, which is suitable for a variety of people.
-Long shelf life
-Maintain the full nutrients of raw material
The continuous vacuum frying machine produced by Qingdao Liuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality and high degree of automation. It overcomes the shortcomings of batch vacuum fryer and is the development direction of vacuum fryer. At the same time, it not only improves the quality of fried products, reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also meets environmental protection requirements, as well as reduces labor costs.buy Automatic Fryer Machine

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