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China GEL battery

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Gel battery is a battery filled up with a special gel-type electrolyte. Gel batteries are non-spillable, completely sealed and maintenance free — one of the safest batteries. They have much longer service life compared to standard wet-cell batteries due to lower degradation and internal corrosion. Gel batteries hold charge very well and have much lower self-discharge rate.

1. High-strength ABS plastic battery slot and cover, compact structure. good resistance.
2. Special lead-based multi-alloy grid, with small internal resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. Good opacity, strong charge acceptance.
4. New electrode plate manufacturing process, high utilization rate of active materials.
(1) Solar/Wind Power System
(2) Telephone switchboard, electric equipments, medical equipments, instruments, and meters
(3) Computer, uninterrupted power source (UPS)
(4) Power transmission and transformer station, switch control, Emergency lighting and accident lighting

Nominal Voltage12 V
Capacity (25℃)4AH—250AH
Internal resistance (Fully charged, 25℃)Approx. 6.5mΩ
Capacity affected by temperature (10HR)40℃102%
Self-discharge (25℃)3 monthRemaining Capacity: 91%
6 monthRemaining Capacity: 82%
12 monthRemaining Capacity: 65%
Nominal operating temperature25℃±3℃(77℉±5℉)
Operating temperature rangeDischarge-15℃~50℃(5℉~122℉)
Float charging voltage(25℃)13.50 to 13.80V Temperature compensation:-18mV/℃
Cyclic charging voltage(25℃)14.50 to 14.90V Temperature compensation:-30mV/℃
Maximum charging current16.5A
Terminal materialCopper
Maximum discharge current550A(5 sec.)
Designed floating life(20℃)12 years
China GEL battery

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