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Refractories manufacturers

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Our refractory fiber board is divided into three types according to material: ordinary aluminum silicate, high alumina, .Zirconium alumina silicate. The Minimum content of Al2O3+SiO2 has 84%,95% and 98%.Product size : 600×400×(10-50)mm , 900×600×(10-50)mm.

Refractory fibreboard is a kind of non-flexible plate-like fire-lining fibreboard made from refractory fibers by wet pressing with binder. The board is different from the felt. Generally, the plate fibers have high volume density and high compression strength. They are often used in various box-type furnaces.

The advantages :
1. Low heat storage and low thermal conductivity
2. High compression strength
3. Non-fragile materials and good toughness
4. Strong and abrasive, and can be used in tough environment
5. Good tensile strength
6. Easy to install

The application of refractory fiber board: Metallurgy,mechanical,building materials, electronic, petrochemical and shipping industries
The physical and chemical of Refractory fiber board :
MaterialCommon aluminum silicateHigh aluminumZirconia alumina silicate
Service temperature,℃ 100012001300
Chemical CompositionAl2O3+SiO2≥959884
Strength conpressed 20%, MPa,>
Modulus of Rupture,MPa,≥
Volume density,Kg.m³300~600300~600300~600
Thermal conductivity,W(m.K)﹣¹, ≤ 0.18 (Hot face Temperature 1000℃) 0.18(Hot face Temperature 1000℃) 0.18 (Hot face Temperature 1000℃)
Heating shrinkage,%,< 4 (1000℃ x 6h) 4 (1200℃ x 6h) 4(1300℃ x 6h)
Product size,mm600×400×(10-50)

Packing: wooden pallet.
Caution: handling and handling should be handled gently to avoid rain and water immersion.
Refractories manufacturers

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